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Verde Lucano Bio

In 2019 a beautiful project is born in the Organic sector. Di Stasi founded the Verde Lucano Bio company, with the aim of the exclusive cultivation and marketing of 100% organic products.

Technische Daten

The choice about the environmental sustainability has a leading role in the company. Close to the issues of environmental sustainability, Di Stasi has chosen to rely on the use of sustainable energy sources for the benefit of self-production and sales. The photovoltaic system, in fact, with its un limited duration, not only allows the production of clean energy, but also reduce energy costs significantly, by preventing that they affect the price of products.
Type of Facility: Fixed
Sup.tot. mod. PV exposed to the ground: 3,034 sqm
Number of Strings: 206
Peakpowerplant: 467.480kw